Clinical herbal consultations:

Consultations are offered through Trailhead Holistic Health Collective which is located at the end of W. Baraga Ave., behind Walgreens and Border Grill. Our address is 1055 W. Baraga Ave., Marquette.

  • New client consultations – Generally last 1.5 to 2 hours, during which time we will cover an in-depth history of your complaint(s), as well as a general health history. Sliding scale $75-$125, plus cost of herbs (if desired).
  • Follow-up consultations – Generally lasts 45 to 60 minutes, during which time we will assess progress, discuss changes to herbal or dietary practices, and anything else that might come up. Sliding scale $45-$75, plus cost of herbs (if desired).

Timing of follow-up appointments is highly dependent on the condition we’re working to support and how long we’ve been working together. More acute conditions may only require an initial consultation with perhaps one follow-up 2-4 weeks later. In most chronic cases, it is reasonable to expect a follow-up 3-4 weeks after the initial consultation, and another every 6-8 weeks for 6 months while we dial in exactly what is working for you and slowly build upon the changes. At that point, visits can just be as needed, perhaps only a couple of times a year.

Apothecary services:

High quality custom herbal blends are available to current clients. Because the cost of different herbs and different herbal preparations varies widely, it is impossible to precisely predict what it will cost to buy recommended herbs through me. However, typical cost for one month of a bulk formula such as a tea is usually around $40, and one month of a tincture formula is typically around $80-$100. Depending on your ailment and how much time you have to do things like make tea, I may recommend anything from just a single herb or formula all the way up to 3 formulas. I will always discuss with you what is realistic in terms of preparation time and financial resources, and take that information into account when providing you with options.

I offer apothecary services in order to provide a convenient source of high quality herbal products to clients. There is never a requirement or expectation that you purchase herbs from me, and I am happy to provide guidance on other sources for herbal products.

Group classes and herb walks:

Sporadically available in the central UP! Current class offerings listed on my Facebook page.

Have a group that would like to learn or a space that would like to host? Let me know! I love to teach and share my enthusiasm for plants, ecology, food, and holistic healthcare. Price negotiable – please reach out for more information!